Detailed rules for acceptance and recommendation of master's degree candidates exempt from examination in 2020 by school of humanities, Jiangnan University

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In order to promote the diversified enrollment of graduate students, strengthen the selection of top-notch innovative talents and improve the quality of graduate students, these implementation rules are hereby formulated in accordance with the measures of Jiangnan University for the administration of receiving and recommending graduate students without examination in 2020.


I. Receiving discipline

Academic: pedagogy, educational technology, Chinese language and literature, music and dance

Professional: education research direction: subject teaching, modern education technology, mental health education


II. Application conditions

(1) To support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, to serve the construction of the motherland, to have good moral character, to abide by disciplines and laws, and to be physically and mentally healthy

(2) Graduated from general institutions of higher learning in 2020, with excellent academic performance during the undergraduate period, and obtained the qualification of student promotion and exemption in the current school

(3) Strong interest in academic research, strong sense of innovation, innovation ability and professional ability tendency

(4) The physical condition shall be in accordance with the guidance on physical examination for enrollment of ordinary colleges and universities


III. Application and receiving process

After obtaining the qualification of promotion and exemption of the University, the applicant shall log in the "information disclosure and management service system for national recommendation of excellent undergraduate graduates to be exempted from the examination for postgraduate study", fill in the "Jiangnan University" application, and timely receive the retest notice and the notice to be admitted from our college.


(1) Before September 26, the applicant is intended to join the "level 20 humanities promotion and exemption group" (Group No. 753356079). Please scan or take photos of relevant supporting materials and submit the electronic draft through QQ.

Supporting materials include:

1.Copy of award certificate and English proficiency certificate

2.Physical examination form (downloaded from Jiangnan University graduate enrollment information network, physical examination in the university hospital or the third class a hospital)

3.Copies of relevant materials that have been engaged in extra-curricular scientific and technological activities, obtained school level or above awards, published papers or other achievements during the semester, and written certificates from the Academic Affairs Department of the school where they are located (none can be excluded) 

(2) On September 28, the applicant logged in the "push and exempt service system" to fill in the application

(3) On September 29, the Graduate Enrollment Office of the college sent a notice of retest to the candidates through the "push and free service system". The candidates should confirm the "Notice of retest" in the "push and free service system" within 2 hours after receiving the notice

(4) In principle, I will interview with the college in the form of retest. Interview time: telephone notice

(5) The second round examination mainly assesses the applicant's foreign language level, professional knowledge, comprehensive ability and innovative quality, and the whole process is "fair, just and open".

(6) Mode of proposed admission: the Graduate Admission Office of the college will send the notice of waiting for admission to the candidates through the "push and free service system". The candidates must confirm the notice of waiting for admission in the "push and free service system" within 24 hours after receiving the notice.

(7) The list to be accepted by the graduate school shall be publicized and submitted to the higher enrollment management department after being reviewed and approved by the graduate enrollment leading group of the school. In June 2020, the admission notice will be issued to the officially admitted candidates.


IV. Other instructions

(1) If the applicant fails to register as required, fill in the wrong information on the Internet or fill in false information, resulting in the failure to retest or enroll, the consequences shall be borne by the candidate himself, and the candidate who receives the promotion or exemption fails to obtain the bachelor's degree or is punished before entering the school will be disqualified.

(2) Scholarship means that our university collects tuition fees from all graduate students in accordance with the regulations of the state and Jiangsu Province, and sets up the scholarship to support students to complete their studies. Please refer to the download column of Jiangnan University Graduate award and assistantship management measures on graduate enrollment information network for relevant regulations on graduate awards and assistantships. After entering the University, the university will provide 5000-10000 yuan scholarship for excellent students.


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