The 2019 Master's Re-examination Admission Rules for the School of Humanities

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According to the "Regulations on the Management of National Postgraduate Admissions in 2019" and the "Measures for the Admission of Postgraduate Students in Jiangnan University in 2019", these rules are formulated in conjunction with the actual enrollment work of the graduate students of our institute.


I. the conditions for candidates to participate in the retest

Candidates must meet the re-examination scores of the relevant majors of our college to participate in the re-examination of the major.


professional code

professional title

                   Score line

Total score






Professional 1


Professional 2









Chinese Language and Literature







Educational Technology







Music and dance







II. the re-test work requirements

(1) All candidates are required to re-examine and pass the re-examination before they can be admitted. The exemption has been completed and re-tested, and it is planned to be admitted.


(2) Implementing a retest of the difference, the ratio of the difference is 1:1.4-1:2.


(3) Candidates must review the candidates' materials and collect a copy of the candidates' first-time admission ticket, a copy of the student's student certificate (a copy of the previous graduation certificate and degree certificate), a copy of the ID card, and a political review form (required to cover the unit's red stamp) ), re-examination fee payment voucher (payment process and website see the college re-examination arrangement), education or student certification report (fresh students submit the "Ministry of Education Online Verification Report", previous students submitted "Ministry of Education Certificate Electronic Registration Record Form" or " China Higher Education Qualification Report, initial test results (screen shots of online preliminary test results). Candidates who do not meet the requirements of the Ministry of Education are not allowed to participate in the retest.


(4) The college shall establish re-examination teams according to disciplines and majors. Each group shall have no less than 5 postgraduate tutors of the major or have relatives with higher professional titles, rich experience, high level of business, fair and decent, and no relatives to apply for examination. The composition of the teacher (avoiding relatives: husband and wife, immediate family members, vaginal blood relatives and in-laws within three generations), including at least one teacher with a good level of foreign language.


(5) The college is responsible for the selection and training of the members of the re-examination team, clarifying the work discipline, work procedures, evaluation rules and evaluation criteria; clarifying the rights, responsibilities and discipline requirements of the re-examination team members in the re-examination work, and standardizing their work behavior.


(6) The members of the retesting team shall be independently scored on the spot (digital type), and a re-examination group meeting shall be held before the scoring to study the evaluation opinions of the candidates; the interview methods, time, test difficulty and performance evaluation of the re-examination teams of the same subject (professional) The standards should be unified in principle.


(7) Standard operation of the retesting process, retesting the entire recording and recording. Do a good job of confidentiality of test questions (including propositions, scoring, verification, boarding, etc.), random questions, random grouping, retest records, etc., to ensure fairness, fairness and effectiveness of the retest.


(8) The College Graduate Admissions Working Group is responsible for making the necessary explanations for the questions raised by the candidates.

III. the retest content

(1) Written test: The professional course test adopts the written test form, and the written test subject is one. It mainly tests the professional quality and professional ability of the students. The test time is 3 hours, and the test paper score is 150 points.

 Undergraduate graduates of equivalent academic qualifications, adult education, and self-study and online education candidates who have not obtained the undergraduate diploma at the time of re-examination must apply for two undergraduate major courses related to the majors for the examination. The subjects are detailed in the enrollment catalogue.


(2) Comprehensive interview: The comprehensive interview scores 150 points (including 50 points of foreign language listening and speaking ability test), mainly assesses the foreign language listening and speaking ability, professional knowledge structure, comprehensive ability and professional foreign language of the candidates. The interview time of each candidate is about 20 minutes. Interview score = sum of interviewer grades / number of interviewers.


(3) Physical examination: physical examination is required during the retesting period, and the physical examination is arranged in the school hospital in principle. The standard refers to the “Guiding Opinions on the Enrollment of General Colleges and Universities” (Teaching [2003] No. 3) formulated by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health, and the China Disabled Persons' Federation. The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health's "Notice on the Issues Concerning the Absence of Hepatitis B Projects in the Physical Examination of Admissions for Students in Regular Colleges and Universities" (Teaching Office [2010] No. 2). Those who do not participate in medical examinations, medical examinations, and falsifications may not be admitted.


(4) For the written test subjects and requirements, please refer to the Catalogue of Admissions for Masters in Jiangnan University in 2019.

IV. adjust

Follow the principle of “taking care of all factors, rational adjustment, active guidance, and people-oriented”.


(1) The basic conditions of adjusting candidates


1. In accordance with the qualifications for admission to the major, the scores of candidates must be re-examined to the national and college retest scores, to meet the basic conditions of the Ministry of Education, and to choose the best.


2. Transfer to undergraduate students only.


3. The transferred majors are the same or similar to the first volunteers; the preliminary subjects should be the same or similar to the first-level subjects, and the subjects should be the same in principle.


(2) adjustment procedures


1. Candidates landed on the “National Master's Admissions Transfer Service System” to fill in the volunteers.


2. After reviewing the candidates' materials, the college decides whether to notify them to participate in the retest.


3. After passing the retest, the “National Master's Admissions Adjustment Service System” will issue a notice of acceptance to the candidates who intend to be admitted, and notify the candidates to confirm online. Once confirmed by both parties, it may not be cancelled.

V. Re-test results, proposed admission

(1) Candidates' total scores:


1. Calculation method of total score


a. Re-test written professional course scores of 150 points, comprehensive interview score of 150 points (including 50 points of foreign language listening and speaking ability test);


b. total score = initial test score + retest score (re-test written professional course score + comprehensive interview score);


c. If the interview score is less than 90, the retest will be unqualified and will not be accepted.


d. Equivalent scholastic candidates plus test subjects (out of 100 points) scores are not included in the retest scores, those below 60 scores are unqualified for the exam, not accepted.


2. Ideological and political quality and moral quality assessment and physical examination are not quantified in the total score, but those who fail to pass the assessment results are not accepted.


(2) Proposed admission procedures for qualified candidates:


1. Each major is ranked according to the total scores of the candidates, and the list of candidates is determined according to the level of the grades.

2. After the re-examination, the college will promptly notify the candidate to re-examine the results.


3. The candidates who intend to be admitted to the transfer will be confirmed in the “National Master's Admissions Adjustment Service System”.

VI. review

The Graduate Admissions Working Group is responsible for the results of the retest of the candidates and is responsible for verifying and explaining the questions raised by the candidates.

These rules apply to graduate students in the academic degree of the Humanities College, which is interpreted by the Faculty of Humanities.

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