The 2019 work implementation rules of receiving the recommended,free test postgraduates for the master's degree program

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    In order to deepen the reform of postgraduate education, improve the quality of postgraduate students, and strengthen the selection of top-notch innovative talents, we warmly welcome universities and students from all over the country who have qualified for post-graduate examinations, and choose to study in various disciplines of our college to pursue academic masters. In order to do this work well, according to the "Management Measures for Jiangnan University to Receive Recommendations and Exemption for Master Degrees in 2018", the relevant work will be notified as follows.


    First, receiving professional

    Academic Master: Education, Educational Technology, Chinese Language and Literature, Music and Dance


    Second, the application conditions

    1. Advocate the leadership of the Communist Party of China and be willing to serve the motherland with good moral character, law-abiding, and physical and mental health.


    2. The applicant is eligible for the recommendation exemption from the undergraduate school.


    3, have academic dreams; good English level; have good academic expertise or training potential; have a strong sense of innovation and innovation.


    Third, the application method

    After the applicant has obtained the qualification for the undergraduate school, he will log in to the “National Recommended Excellent Undergraduate Graduates for Examination of Postgraduate Information Disclosure and Management Service System”, fill in the “Jiangnan University” volunteer, and receive the re-examination notice and pending notice in time. .


    Fourth, work and schedule

    1. Before September 25th, it is intended to add the “Jiangda Humanities 19th Level Pushing and Exempting Group” (group number 480740567) to the applicant. Please scan or take photos and submit the electronic draft through QQ.


    Proof materials include:


    (1) A copy of the award certificate, a copy of the English level certificate, a cover of the publication, a catalogue, and a thesis material.


    (2) Physical examination form (downloaded in Jiangnan University Graduate Admissions Information Network, undergraduate school or third-grade hospital)


    (3) A copy of the relevant materials that have been engaged in extracurricular scientific and technological activities, obtained school-level and above awards, published papers or other achievements during the school year, and written certificates from the school's academic department (not available).


    2. On September 28, the applicant landed on the “China Research and Development Network” to fill in the volunteers. The Graduate Admissions Office will issue a re-examination notice to the candidates through the “Push-Free Service System”. Candidates are required to confirm the “Re-test Notice” in the “Push-Free Service System” within 2 hours after receiving the notice.


    3, re-examination form In principle, I went to the college for interview, special case video interview, interview time: telephone notice.


    4. The re-examination mainly assesses the applicant's foreign language proficiency, professional knowledge, comprehensive ability and innovative quality. The whole process is “fair, fair and open”.


    5. Ways to be admitted: The College Graduate Admissions Office will issue a notice of acceptance to the candidates through the “Push-Free Service System”. Candidates are required to confirm the “Pending Admission” notice within the “Push-Free Service System” within 12 hours after receiving the notice.


    6. The college will publicize the admission list and report it to the graduate school for review. In June 2019, an acceptance letter was issued to the official candidates.


    Fifth, Tuition and awards policy

    Our school collects tuition fees from all graduate students in accordance with the regulations of the state and Jiangsu Province, and also establishes scholarships to support students in completing their studies. For the relevant provisions of the Graduate Awards, please refer to the “Administrative Measures for the Scholarship of Jiangnan University Graduate Student” in the download section of the Graduate Student Admissions Information Network. After entering the school, the school will award 5000-10000 yuan outstanding freshmen scholarship for outstanding students.


    Sixth, other matters

    If the applicant does not register according to the requirements, the information in the online report is incorrectly filled, misfilled or filled in false information, and the test cannot be re-examined or accepted, the result shall be borne by the candidate himself. Received students who have not obtained a bachelor's degree or been punished before enrollment will be disqualified.


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