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    On June 11, Yao Jianying, Secretary of the Party committee of the school of Humanities of Jiangnan University, Professor Tian Liangchen, vice president (in charge of the work), Hui Gongjian, vice president, and Wu Baosuo, deputy secretary and vice president, went to Yixing Education Bureau for a discussion and exchange on the education work of the city. Yang Yan, vice mayor of Yixing City, Jiang Zhigang, director of Education Bureau and pan Qitao, deputy director of Yixing City, attended the activity.

    At the forum, Jiang Zhigang introduced the basic situation of Yixing education, focusing on the construction of teacher team and teacher training. Tian Liangchen introduced the construction and development of the College of Humanities of Jiangnan University, and emphatically discussed the subject and the frontier education concept of rural education in the process of urbanization. Yao Jianying introduced the achievements of talent training and teacher training in Jiangnan University, and proposed to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the city and the University. Subsequently, the two sides had in-depth communication and Discussion on teacher training, academic upgrading, curriculum development, project application, Party building pairing, teaching reform, student internship and other issues, and both expressed the need to strengthen mutual visits and practical activities, and further develop in-depth cooperation.

    Vice Mayor Yang Yan highly agreed with and fully affirmed the deepening cooperation between the two sides, and put forward working ideas on how to give full play to the advantages of Jiangnan University in teacher education, support the development of education in Yixing and improve the quality of education.

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