The signing ceremony of co construction and cooperation between our college and Wuxi Jiangnan middle school was held

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    On the afternoon of April 30, the signing ceremony of co construction and cooperation between the Party committee of our college and the Party committee of Wuxi Jiangnan middle school was held in the Party member activity room of Jiangnan middle school. Yao Jianying, Secretary of the Party committee of the Institute, Wu Weihong, Secretary of the Party committee of Wuxi Jiangnan middle school, as well as members of the party committees and representatives of the party branches of both sides, attended the signing ceremony.

    Yao Jianying and Wu Weihong respectively exchanged party building work and put forward the idea of co construction. In the process of co construction and cooperation, the two sides should set up a joint construction work contact group, formulate the joint construction work plan and stage work plan, regularly discuss and solve the new situation and new problems in the process of co construction; constantly enrich the forms of Ideological and political education on campus through sharing party building resources, enhance the vitality of Party member education, and create a clean campus political ecology; carry out the theme of Party branch Party members through joint organization Through project cooperation and mutual learning activities, we can jointly educate and guide Party members to establish vanguard and exemplary image, enhance academic research ability and promote teachers' college Through the party building platform, we should strengthen communication and contact, clarify the development ideas, do a good job in development planning, and help the organization and implementation, so as to promote the high-quality development of both sides with high-quality party building. Participants also hope that high-level party building work can promote the development of both sides, jointly serve the cultivation of high-quality talents, and promote all-round cooperation between the two sides, so that teachers and students in Colleges and universities can learn more about primary and secondary schools, play the social service function of colleges and universities, and build more platforms for the development of teacher education.

    The college and Wuxi Jiangnan middle school have extensive cooperation foundation. Over the years, the middle school is not only the teaching practice demonstration base of our normal university, but also has carried out many cooperation in a number of related businesses. The party building cooperation between the two party committees has opened a milestone in the development of the college and the cooperation between the party committees of middle schools. The college will further strengthen the business linkage with local primary and secondary schools through the link of "co construction and cooperation of Party building". On the basis of in-depth cooperation in teaching and scientific research, the college will promote complementary advantages more widely, realize common development under the leadership of Party building, and further consolidate and deepen the educational achievements on the theme of "never forget the original intention and remember the mission".

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