"Four menus" of transformation education carefully customized by the College of humanities guides freshmen to take the "first step" of University

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To guide 2019's freshmen to adapt to the new environment and new life as soon as possible, establish new goals and grow up better. In the two months since the beginning of the new year, the school of Humanities of Jiangnan University has carried out a series of rich, solid and effective transformation education activities, including "Dean's first course", "professional ideological and political", "curriculum ideological and political" and "time mailbox", to provide high-quality, all-round, systematic and professional education guidance for new students in 2019.


The first course of the Dean: Cultivating "metacognition" of autonomous learning

On the second day of the freshmen's enrollment, Professor Tian Liangchen, Vice Dean of the school of humanities, taught the first lesson to the 2019 freshmen.


From the perspective of "identity transformation", Professor Tian Liangchen hopes that students should redefine learning and set their life goals as soon as possible. In the "self-management" part of college students, he reminded everyone to do a good job in "time management", "emotion management" and "learning resource management". On how to live a new life in University, Tian Liangchen gives five suggestions to all the freshmen. First, we should form the habit of "reading more books" and "reading good books"; second, we should gradually form our own academic interest in search and exploration; third, we should form the habit of sports; fourth, we should develop good oral expression ability in reading and communication; fifth, we should have the awareness of "cross professional learning". He takes Mr. Fei Xiaotong's famous words as an introduction, and guides the students to be college students who can "read, understand, keep up with and stand up to the times", so as to win the unrepentant youth and spend four years of University happily.


Professional ideological and political: enhance professional sense of belonging "do great things"


The growth of Freshmen in the undergraduate education stage requires the continuous ideological guidance, professional teaching and life guidance of all teachers. In order to organically integrate professional knowledge transfer, value guidance and ability training. Professor Wu Baosuo, deputy secretary and vice president of the Party committee of the College of humanities, Professor Cai Aiguo, Professor Chen Mingxuan, deputy president of the College of humanities, and the heads of various disciplines respectively "deliver the classics and treasures" to the freshmen.


Professor Cai Aiguo explained the talent training program of Jiangnan University in detail from three aspects: "what to learn, how to learn and who will help me learn". He stressed the importance of highly autonomous learning, and guided students to know the major, understand the major, study hard and practice bravely.


Vice secretary Wu Baosuo started from three questions: "what kind of person do you want to be", "truly express yourself in University" and "how to open your own university". He said that personal development should be actively integrated into the development of the country to help the freshmen clear the direction of the future. He put forward suggestions from the perspectives of dream, struggle, mentality, time, communication, life and action to encourage students to maintain self-confidence, be down-to-earth, develop a sound personality and set up lofty ideals in University.


Professor Chen Mingxuan brings a lecture with the theme of "road to the future - deep learning". "The era of social change requires people to think in depth and breadth," he said From the perspective of artificial intelligence, cognitive science and pedagogy, this paper expounds the basic concepts of deep learning, introduces five concepts and methods of deep learning, including the transformation of teaching and learning concepts, and finally puts forward seven suggestions and expectations, including planning objectives, being good at learning and deep reading.


Arrange "professional teachers and students meeting" by specialty. Leaders of each major introduce major to freshmen from the aspects of major history, major curriculum and syllabus, professional teachers, major development objectives and future development direction of students, so as to help freshmen understand the major to be studied more thoroughly and comprehensively, feel the potential and charm of the major, enhance their sense of identity for the major they are studying, and take the perspective of national needs and social development And highly guide students to set up the goal of "unity of knowledge and practice, practical application".

Ideological and political education of curriculum: building multiple excellent courses with "strong quality"

The college gives full play to the leading role of "Ideological and political education in curriculum", uses various carriers, with the help of the whole staff, cultivates new students' core literacy through various activities, integrates ideological and political education into all aspects of curriculum teaching, and realizes moral cultivation and silent moistening.


In order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, a good atmosphere was formed among the freshmen to "sing the motherland and welcome the birthday". The College held the "red chorus class" of "go with the motherland and build a brilliant China". The new students praise the great motherland with full passion and loud songs, and use their youth to tell the motherland and cultivate their feelings.


The power of youth example is endless and inspiring. The college has built a platform of "youth inspirational course" to promote peer guidance. Let the winners of the president's special award, the best students, the top ten college students, the national award winners, the heads of the national level "big innovation" and the overseas exchange representative students, etc., share the struggle youth for the undergraduate freshmen.


In order to help freshmen to integrate into college life and develop a sunshine mentality, the College held a "happiness open class" entitled "sunshine mentality, healthy growth". Xiao Lingyan, associate professor, introduced the concept, standard and performance of College Students' mental health, hoping that students can open the window of their hearts, develop a sunny mentality and actively improve their happiness.


Time mailbox: open the future road of life

Make full use of the network new media platform to do a good job in the reception and education of new students. Zhao Jiang, the college's freshman counselor, carefully prepared a letter for all the freshmen before the new year, and on the first day of the freshmen's enrollment report, he used the official micro push. In the letter, the counselor sent a message to the freshmen that they should be "ambitious, have the feelings of home and country", "cultivate morality and self-cultivation, have moral integrity", "devote themselves to learning and practice, have real knowledge and practical work", "exercise their physique, and have a healthy mentality"; one month after reporting to the office, the counselor used the new media to push another letter. Guide the freshmen to think and answer "the feeling of coming to university for one month", "what is the dream of University for four years" and "what kind of person are you after four years". The new student wrote the letter and delivered it to time mailbox. "After four years of study and practice, you will be more sunny and confident. You won the award in the national Internet + innovation and entrepreneurship competition, and have your own start-up company. Your personality is more sound and perfect, your vision and realm are improved, mature and steady and charming... " "Four years later, how are you. I hope that by this time you have passed IELTS 7.0, read 200 classic books, personal running mileage of more than 1000 kilometers, and obtained the advanced study notice of top 10 in the world... " "Four years later, I hope you have got the admission notice of graduate students in education from London University College, and you will graduate happily as a" knowledge class "and" best student "


Through the theme activity of "time mailbox - write to yourself four years later", guide the freshmen to think about and write down their expectations and messages for their college life, encourage them not to forget their original intention to enter school, and interpret the true meaning and connotation of youth with practical actions of hard struggle.


The successful implementation of the series of transformation education activities for 2019 level freshmen of the college is conducive to helping 2019 level freshmen better integrate into university learning life, adjust themselves as soon as possible, realize role transformation and complete university planning. It is expected that in the next four years, the 2019 level freshmen will adhere to the motto of Jiangnan University that they are "dedicated to learning and practice, and stop doing the best" and the Academy motto of "unity of knowledge and practice, and educate people with people", be diligent in cultivating morality, be quick to seek knowledge, set up lofty aspirations, be a fighter, change perfectly, and meet a better self.

Professor Tian Liangchen, Vice Dean of the College of humanities, teaches "the first course of University" to Freshmen

Professor Chen Mingxuan gives a lecture on "road to the future - deep learning" for Freshmen

New chorus competition to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China

Time mailbox: a letter from freshmen to themselves four years later

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