The first China US education cooperation 2019 international academic seminar successfully concluded in Jiangnan University

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At the end of the opening ceremony on the morning of October 24, the "first China US education cooperation 2019 international academic seminar" successively entered into the theme academic report, visit and exchange links of Wuxi first-line education practice base.


The theme report of the conference was presided over by Professor Yang qiguang, Dean of the Department of education of the College of humanities. The delegation from Virginia Federal University and seven invited educational theory researchers and educational practitioners from other famous universities at home and abroad fully exchange research ideas and share experience and wisdom with you. The theme reports of dean Daire (DELL), Professor Li Jun, Dr Lane (Lane) and Professor Xu Yaoying from the University of Western Ontario respectively interpret the mission and values of educational globalization, cooperation strategies of educational partners, innovative and inclusive models and communication mechanisms from different perspectives, and show the experience of cross-cultural educational cooperation; Professor Jiang Tianhui has a theoretical perspective on globalization The relationship with localization is analyzed in detail. Professor Wu wudian shares the educational theory and practical wisdom in the field of Oriental special education, and gives the experience of professional high-level construction and practical promotion of special education teachers. Professor Tian Liangchen calls for new educators through the Chinese experience of curriculum reform, the transformation of Chinese life and the three aspects of education reconstruction in the era of artificial intelligence The key issues faced by pedagogy in the new era are interpreted, which promotes the participants' Thinking on the future of China's education. Seven experts expressed their vision for building a good education cooperation model in the new era of cross-cultural background, formed a consensus on increasing education opportunities, and transmitted the education concept that "real education is the call from the heart".


On the afternoon of the 24th, the conference also reported and displayed 40 sub forum reports on curriculum and teaching, family and children's education, cross-cultural and comparative education in three sub venues of tianjiabinglou. The participants shared the family education in special education and early intervention of American education experience, learning and teaching of stem courses in the era of artificial intelligence, in-depth discussion on the era transformation of future education research mode, cultural localization of education thinking and curriculum teaching innovation, and proposed to lead curriculum improvement and innovation and professional development of teachers in the context of global education reform In order to expand the development path of educational cooperation, to meet the common challenges and to share the opportunities of educational development, the transfer of roles in the new mode of improving the quality of school education has jointly planned the bright prospect of educational experience sharing and development. The wonderful report triggered the deep dialogue and rational thinking of all the experts and scholars on the scene on the common educational problems. The focus and systematic deepening of the special report provide valuable experience for the collaborative innovation of educational theory research and application practice.


"Ze Li academy, draw on the strengths of all to promote in-depth dialogue, work together to win international development through mutually beneficial cooperation.". Experts, scholars and participants have a more open mind to deeply understand the significance of education, promote communication and dialogue between the two sides, and enhance mutual understanding. Taking this opportunity, the two schools have formed a common concept committed to promoting and deepening the long-term interactive development of cross-cultural education at all levels. The conference is of great significance for promoting the development of cross-cultural basic education theory and innovative design of educational practice, promoting the construction of pedagogy discipline, and expanding the academic influence of Jiangnan University.


On the morning of October 25, accompanied by Professor Shen guipeng, Secretary of the Party committee of the school of Humanities and Professor Tian Liangchen, vice president, the academic delegation of Virginia Federal University and more than 60 participants were divided into two groups to visit the representative schools of education practice base of the school of Humanities - "Wuxi Jiangnan middle school" and "Wuxi No.1 Middle School". Wu Secretary of Wuxi Jiangnan middle school, Chen Xi principal of Wuxi No.1 middle school and Wu Weihong Secretary of Wuxi Jiangnan middle school welcomed the delegation to visit the school. The visiting group observed the characteristic courses of two key middle schools on the spot.


In Wuxi Jiangnan middle school. The delegation visited the music course "I am Chinese" and physical education course "Chinese martial arts" of Jiangnan middle school, fully felt the characteristics of China's basic education, and had a close experience of the curriculum education from Chinese culture and the fresh practical experience of back feeding basic education. Since then, the two sides have held a seminar on basic education courses and exchanges between China and the United States, in-depth dialogue and exchanges on common problems in basic education, and representatives actively and deeply share their experiences, hoping to further promote cooperation and development in the field of basic education. The visit to the campus of the middle school has aroused the common concern of all participating educators for the development of education! When cutting wood, the birds sing and the birds sing; when they sing, they beg for friends. This shows that China and the West are actively exploring various ways of partnership and reciprocal cooperation in different fields and levels of education.


At the No. 1 middle school in Wuxi, the delegation saw the characteristic classroom "create a guest space" which showed the modern technology. It deeply experienced the profound influence of AI on the basic education under the background of "Internet + era" and felt the charm of the middle school classroom under the background of China's modernization. During the visit to the Museum of traditional Chinese culture, the in-depth discussion was carried out around the issues of teachers' professional development and students' training mode, and it was proposed that China and the United States should learn from each other, listen to each other's basic education voice, and achieve fruitful results.


On the afternoon of the 25th, the delegation of Virginia Federal University and some representatives attended a symposium on educational research and teaching practice with teachers and students of education discipline of Jiangnan University. The teachers of the two sides exchanged in-depth views on the common problems of student training and evaluation, the internationalization and diversification of the teaching staff, and the expansion of cooperation between China and the West. A consensus has been formed that "the mission of education needs a journey of a thousand miles, starting from the bottom of the step". It is believed that both theory and practice need long-term cooperation and mutual learning to promote common development.


At about 4 p.m., the closing ceremony of the seminar was held in room 209 of the College of humanities. Professor Zhang Guangsheng, assistant president of Jiangnan University, Professor Gail Hackett, vice president of Virginia Federal University, Dr. Daire (DALE), Dean of the school of education of Virginia Federal University, Professor Shen guipeng, Secretary of the Party committee of the school of Humanities of Jiangnan University, Professor Tian Liangchen, vice president, Professor Yin Jian, deputy director of the international exchange office of Jiangnan University, Professor Chen Xue, vice president of the school of medicine of Jiangnan University, Shanghai More than 150 people attended the conference, including Ding Wei, associate dean of School of education, Yang Hui, associate dean of School of humanities, domestic and foreign academic experts, the delegation of teachers and students from Virginia Federal University and the delegation of teachers and students from the school of Humanities of Jiangnan University. The closing ceremony was presided over by Professor Shen guipeng.


Professor Zhang Guangsheng extended a warm welcome and thanks to the guests at home and abroad and warmly congratulated the successful holding of the conference. Professor Zhang pointed out that this conference promoted the academic innovation of cross-cultural education, promoted the in-depth exchange of teaching practice specialization, and was a good beginning. As always, the university will continue to support the two schools to carry out all-round cooperation and in-depth exchanges in education and other fields. Gail Hackett, vice president of Virginia Federal University, brought greetings from the president and the management of the University. In particular, in the context of China's rise and growing global influence, Virginia Federal University attaches great importance to cooperation with Chinese universities, and is willing to work with Jiangnan University to deepen cooperation in personnel training and mutual visits between teachers and students, hoping to work with Jiangnan University We will continue to hold in-depth the International Symposium on China US educational cooperation.


Dr. Daire (DALE), Dean of the school of education of Virginia Federal University, spoke highly of the achievements of the conference and believed that through the seminar, the cooperation between the two sides had substantive achievements. While affirming the teachers' team of the College of education and the scientific research level of the graduate students of Jiangnan University, it is particularly emphasized that the two universities should not only strengthen the exchange and cooperation of academic groups, but also strengthen the mutual visits and cooperation between teachers and students at the level of basic education in Virginia and Wuxi. President Daire expressed in Chinese "ten years of trees, a hundred years of people" that both sides will benefit from the establishment of a long-term and stable partnership.


Professor Tian Liangchen read out two outcomes of the conference, and formally prepared to establish "China US Education Research Center" and "international academic seminar on China US education cooperation". Professor Zhang Guangsheng and Professor Gail Hackett presented gifts to each other on behalf of Jiangnan University and Virginia Federal University, and awarded certificates to volunteers serving Xinqin. So far, "the first China US education cooperation 2019 international academic seminar" has come to a successful end.


Based on the local and global perspective, the conference launched an in-depth dialogue on "learning and teaching" from a cross-cultural perspective, which promoted the exchange and development of teaching theories, provided theoretical resources for solving local teaching problems in China, contributed Chinese wisdom to the development of world teaching theories, and told Chinese education stories to foreign friends. Through this meeting, the strategic cooperation between Virginia Federal University and Jiangnan University was further deepened, and the domestic and international influence of the research on Pedagogy of Jiangnan University was expanded.



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