The School of Humanities conducts special studies on teacher professional certification

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On the afternoon of April 10th, the School of Humanities held the faculty meeting of the whole college in Room 209 of Tianlou to study the spirit of the 2019 Jiangsu Teacher Education Annual Conference and the spirit of the professional certification. The meeting was chaired by Shen Guipeng, secretary of the party committee of the college.


Professor Chen Mingxuan conveyed the spirit of the 2019 Jiangsu Teacher Education Annual Conference, focusing on the concept and development of the "student center, output orientation, continuous improvement" of the teacher professional certification work,, implementation and existing problems, key points and suggestions, and how to prepare for professional certification. I have read several aspects.


Associate Professor Wang Zhijun mainly shared the spirit of the first training session of the Ministry of Education in 2019, including the background, concept and key of professional certification, the formulation of training objectives, the decomposition and implementation of graduation requirements, the quality evaluation and continuous improvement, platform and system use, etc., and introduced the specific practices and experiences of certified schools in university and college promotion.

Tian Liangchen, the assistant dean, pointed out in his speech that the professional certification of teachers will help to further promote the quality of personnel training in our college. I hope that the faculty and staff of the whole school will unify their thinking, raise their awareness, and comprehensively do a good job in the pre-professional work. The requirements for professional certification preparation were put forward.

Secretary Shen Guipeng emphasized the importance of professional certification for teachers, and required all relevant majors to actively meet the challenges. All teachers should start from improving their own teaching, and prepare for professional certification with high standards and strict requirements.


Professor Chen Mingxuan Interprets the Spirit of the

Provincial Teacher Education Annual Conference



Associate Professor Wang Zhijun interprets the spirit of the Ministry

of Education Teacher Certification Professional Training Conference


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