Wuxi Xinwu District 2018 New Teacher Growth Camp Report Summary and Completion Ceremony was held in our school

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On the morning of May 19th, the summary and completion ceremony of the 2018 New Teacher Growth Camp and Pre-Post Training Course in Xinwu District of Wuxi City was held at the Jiangnan University Library 305. School of Humanities, Tian Jiabing College of Education Science Party Secretary Shen Guipeng, Associate Dean Tian Liangchen, Hui Gongjian, and Director of the New Wu District Teacher Development Center Gu Wanchun, Xinwu District Teacher Development Center Training Department Director Ma Lan, and more than 380 new teachers who joined the company in 2018 participated in this event.

Student report

In the training report session, the participants were divided into 8 groups and reported separately on the theme of “My Teacher's Career Dream”. Professor Shen Guipeng, Professor Tian Liangchen, Associate Professor Hui Gongjian and the leaders of the New Wu District Teacher Development Center were invited as guests to comment on the site. The students' full of work enthusiasm, deep love and youthful vitality fully utilized a variety of multimedia means present the talents of the new generation of teachers to the experts and teachers present, and also explained the teachers' dreams in their hearts. The experts fully affirmed the advantages of the new teacher report from the perspectives of the determination of the target, the design of the process, the choice of form, the cultivation of students' habits, the tempering of the language of teaching, and the integration of the concept of the student. Also pointed out the insufficient, and gave pertinent advice to the new teacher's future development path.

Expert Reviews

After the report of the group, a brief completion ceremony was held. The ceremony was presided over by Vice President Hui Gongjian. Dean Tian Liangchen made a training summary report on behalf of Tianjiabing College of Education Science, Jiangnan University. The new teacher training in Xinwu District will be set up as three modules: “entry education”, “introduction education” and “enter education”. The modules complement each other and are organically integrated to support the training theme. Invited experts in college education, first-line special-level teachers, and academic leaders. The training combines theoretical lectures with experience sharing, centralized learning and group activities, theoretical teaching combined with project-based learning, and expert leadership and self-management. Through training, the new teachers will initially understand the basic requirements and norms of the profession of the teacher, focus on the relevant requirements of the professional standards of teachers; help new teachers get started as soon as possible, and fully prepare for the first lesson of classroom teaching, class management, and teaching and research. Let the new teachers clarify the professional standards and ethics of the teacher profession, and help the new teachers to establish a correct view of teachers and students.

Closing ceremony


Subsequently, Director Gu Wanchun of the New Wu District Teacher Development Center spoke on behalf of the Education Bureau of Xinwu District. On the basis of the hard work of the leaders and teachers of the Jiangnan University President's Teacher Training Center, he encouraged all the trainees to raise their understanding, change their roles, adapt as soon as possible, and enhance their learning. Initiative and self-awareness, increase professional ability and self-confidence, quickly stand on the platform, experience the joy and pride of being a teacher, and become a qualified people teacher at an early date. The leaders present at the scene issued a training completion certificate for the trainees.

Issue a certificate of completion

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